Body Cleanse


You have probably heard testimonies of the great benefits from juice detox. If you want to know the right procedure to prepare the juice yourself, read on. Not long ago, people used to take juice in place of water, coffee or tea. But, a huge number of health benefits have been realized from the juice. Juice is delicious and sweet; everybody wants to have it. It a very effective way of dieting. It is also a great component if you want to have a healthy body detox.

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Liquid diet

If you plan to use juice as a way of detoxification, do not exceed thirty days. This is because it is a liquid diet. If for any reasons you have to do it for more than a month, do so under the close supervision of your doctor. The absence of solid food in juice makes it very effective for detoxification.

Source of nutrients

Fruits and vegetables contain huge nutrients, and so does juice from them. The body finds it easy to digest; they cannot cause any digestive problems. Another major benefit is that it gives the body a chance to do away with toxins without absorbing new ones. The liver too gets an opportunity to rejuvenate and renew itself. To get juice from fruits, we have to blend or squeeze them. Choose what works best for you. The following can be a good source of juice, carrots, apples, spinach, kale, cabbage, and pineapple.

Guide to a successful juice cleanse

Juice cleanse should be done in spring, or simply when it is warm. Juice alone cannot sustain you during cold months.

Avoid meat, eggs, sugar, fish, alcohol and smoking a week before you hit the road of juice cleanse.

Drink at least 34-64 ounces in a day. You can have a mixture of all the fruits you want but avoid citric fruits.

Make sure to use fresh fruits all along. They contain more nutrients and enzymes essential for rejuvenation. They as well do not contain preservatives.

If you realize that it is difficult for you to survive on fruit juice alone, small meals of salad and steamed cabbage are allowed in between.

dfcvgbhnasdfgdfghbOnce you are done with juice detox, do not return to solid food immediately. It will be a big deal for the digestive system. Start with soft meals like steamed cabbages. Wait until around seven days before going back to normal eating.