Ways to reduce football or soccer injuries


A lot of people, both kids and adults, love to play football and soccer. These sports are a great way to spend your free time. You can also enjoy a plethora of benefits. On the other hand, while it is true that playing these games can definitely help you to stay fit and healthy, getting injured is still a possibility.

According to studies, there are about 120,000 young soccer players that get injured each year; most of which are serious cases. And to sum up the number of cases that are related to soccer, it is about 500,000.

So, in order to reduce or prevent such injuries, follow these essential tips:

Proper conditioning

Strains or sprains are most likely to occur if the players are out of shape. This could be prevented from happening if you follow proper conditioning for soccer and football games. It will help if you build up your hamstrings. Women must learn how to jump and pivot properly. They should be able to land with their knees flexed too.


Proper warm-ups

Another good way of preventing strains and sprains, which are the most common injuries from playing soccer and football, is to do stretching and proper warm-up exercises before the actual game. If you stretch your groin, quadriceps, and hips prior to playing soccer or football, you can reduce the risk of injuries.

Proper gear

Having the proper gear is also vital before you head to the field. You need your helmet and gloves when you are playing football. You can also choose the best football cleats 2016 to ensure that your feet will be protected.

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Proper field maintenance

Some people may not think about it, but did you know that some of the soccer and football-related injuries also result from poor field condition? You should help in making sure that the playing field is free from holes, broken glass, stones, and any other debris.


Proper preparation for medical emergencies

First-aiders should be available not only during an official game, but also when practices are being done. It is essential that the coaches have received first-aid training too. An emergency medical plan should always be in place.