The Menace Caused by Pests and Rodents at Home


Pests and rodents are tiny animals that displease human beings. Pests and rodents are intruders who tamper with the smooth human life. Some of them infest food in the stores and the kitchen thereby destroying it to a non-edible condition. Some pests attack some domestic animals like pets making them ill. These pests and rodents find their way to one’s home through crevices, openings, and any holes that may not be sealed. They also penetrate through pipes, windows, and doors.

Pests and rodents do not have any advantages in the human life but rather cause a lot of trouble at home. Most of the common pests and rodents found in homes are ants, rats, cockroaches, and weevils and sometimes squirrels if you have a bush around the compound. These pests pose a big threat to the human life including diseases that may lead to death. Some like bedbugs irritate the human skin and also when they bite, they irritate some of the pets we keep in our houses. Some pests also can cause allergic reactions. In this article, am going to examine the menace caused by pests and rodents at home.


cockroachesCockroaches are pests that are mostly found in the kitchen or in your food store. They creep on your shelves and feast on the food if it is not sealed properly and if it is in the open. Cockroaches harm little babies’ health and also grown-ups. This is because it leads to allergies making you susceptible to asthma. Allergies result from the cockroach’s saliva, feces, and also their decomposing bodies. These types of pests contain bacteria such as Salmonella and may contaminate your food, utensils, and your food surfaces.


As we all know, mosquitoes are very dangerous to the human health. The female Anopheles mosquito leads to the spread of malaria which can lead to death. This is the main reason why we are advised to drain all stagnant water around our houses. We are also asked to clear all bushes near our houses because they are a breeding area for mosquitoes. Pregnant women and all people are always urged to sleep under a treated mosquito net to be safe from mosquito attack. Apart from the deadly malaria infection, mosquitoes can lead to itches, marks in the form of rashes, and severe allergic reactions to people.


Rats are in the rodents’ category. These small animals enter your house through any openings, crevices, cracks, and holes. In fact, they are good at making holes in a house where they hide. You should ensure that your house is free from such animals. If you notice rat droppings in your home, look for a way to do away with them because their presence in your house can cause allergic reactions as well as deadly diseases.

Be aware of the virus and bacteria carried by rats and others like squirrels which hide in the bushes around the house. If you are sick and tired of all this menace, here is a page worth reading to learn more about how to deal with pests and rodents at home.